Academic Programs

The graduation requirements of the College, as published in the catalogue in effect at the time of the student’s initial enrollment, are those that must be met for the completion of a degree pro­gram. Students who withdraw and then reenter are responsible for graduation requirements as published in the catalogue at the time of reentrance. Undergraduate students in professional pro­grams and all graduate students may be required to take addi­tional courses if the prior courses are deemed out of date at the time the student readmits.

The College reserves the right to change the requirements of any or all academic programs when such modifications are deemed necessary. All students must comply with the new requirements insofar as they pertain to courses and/or credit hours yet to be completed. Such changes, however, will be made only for the purpose of more fully achieving the objectives of the curriculum. Department chairpersons have authority to waive or provide substitute course work for departmental requirements. Only the Office of the Academic Dean has the authority to waive or provide substitute course work for general education requirements.

Degree candidates must complete the required courses as out­lined in the respective curriculum and have a cumulative under­graduate index and a major index of at least 2.0. Graduate stu­dents must maintain a cumulative index of 3.0.

Baccalaureate degree candidates must complete a major field of study, complete a two-credit health or fitness requirement, and demonstrate an appropriate level of mathematics competency. Baccalaureate and graduate students must obtain a passing grade on a comprehensive examination or project in the major field.

Major Fields of Study

Students may choose majors from below, provided they meet all entrance requirements. Minors and specializations (concentrations) may also be available depending on the major. See the appropriate academic section of this catalogue for details. All students must designate a major field from among those offered by the College by the end of the sophomore year or they may jeopardize the student’s financial aid. Students who pursue programs that are not registered and approved also jeopardize their eligibility for financial aid.

Students are responsible for consulting their major department for advice on planning their registration programs. Students who wish to change their major field of study must obtain permission from the chairperson of the department in which they wish to enroll. Declaration/Change of Major forms may be obtained in the Registrar’s Office.

Multiple Programs of Study

Double majors: For students pursuing more than one major, at least 15 credits in each major must be taken from courses not included in the requirements for the other major. In addition, students are responsible for completing all requirements of both majors.

Dual Degrees: For students pursuing dual undergraduate degrees (i.e. a BA and BS), at least 30 additional credits are required in the second degree. In addition, students are responsible for completing all requirements of both majors.

Current Offerings

The following programs are currently offered at St. Francis College:

Program Associate's Degree Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree Teaching Certification HEGIS Code NYS Inventory CIP Code
Accounting (130-Hour Programs) B.S. 0502.00 09508 52.0301
Accounting/C.P.A. Dual Award B.S. M.S. 0502.00 29444 52.0301
Adolescence Education—Biology B.S. 7-12 0401.01 26287 13.1322
Adolescence Education—Chemistry B.S. 7-12 1905.01 26288 13.1323
Adolescence Education—English B.A. 7-12 1501.01 26289 13.1305
Adolescence Education—Mathematics B.S. 7-12 1701.01 26290 13.1311
Adolescence Education—Social Studies B.A. 7-12 2201.01 26291 13.1318
Biology B.S. 0401.00 09506 26.0101
Biomedical Science1 B.S. 1299.00 8111 26.0102
Business Administration A.A.S. 5004.00 77401 52.0101
Chemistry B.S. 1905.00 09527 40.0501
Childhood Education—Biology B.S. 1-6 0802.00 28188 13.1202
Childhood Education—English B.A. 1-6 0802.00 26286 13.1202
Childhood Education—Mathematics B.S. 1-6 0802.00 35243 13.1311
Childhood Education—Social Studies B.A. 1-6 0802.00 28187 13.1202
Communication Arts B.A. 0601.00 81051 09.0100
Communication Arts Concentration in Advertising/Public Relations B.A. 0601.00 81051 09.0100
Communication Arts Concentration in Digital Media: Film, Broadcasting and Journalism B.A. 0601.00 81051 09.0100
Communication Arts Concentration in English and Communications B.A. 0601.00 81051 09.0100
Creative Writing (Fiction) M.F.A. 1507.00 38514 23.1302
Creative Writing (Poetry), M.F.A. 1507.00 38514 23.1302
Creative Writing (Screenwriting and Playwrighting) M.F.A. 1507.00 38514 23.1302
Criminal Justice A.A.S. 5505.00 09536 43.0104
Criminal Justice B.S. 2105.00 22416 43.0104
Economics B.A. 2204.00 09531 45.0601
Economics Concentration in Finance B.A. 2204.00 09531 45.0601
Economics Concentration in International Economics B.A. 2204.00 09531 45.0601
Economics Concentration in Public Policy B.A. 2204.00 09531 45.0601
Educational Studies B.S. 0801.00 40358 13.9999
English B.A. 1501.00 09520 23.0101
Exercise & Movement Science B.S. 1299.30 40775 26.0908
Exercise & Sport Science M.S. 1299.30 41562 26.0908
Health Care Management B.S. 1202.00 78363 51.0701
Health Promotion and Science B.S. 1201.00 09504 51.9999
History B.A. 2205.00 09532 54.0101
Information Technology B.S. 0702.00 24315 11.0199
International Cultural Studies (International Business) B.A. 4903.00 90084 05.0299
International Cultural Studies (Latin American and Caribbean Studies) B.A. 4903.00 90084 05.0299
International Cultural Studies (Western European Studies) B.A. 4903.00 90084 05.0299
Interdisciplinary Studies B.A. 4903.00 40768 30.0000
Liberal Arts A.A. 5649.00 77402 24.0101
Management B.S. 0506.00 09509 52.0201
Management (Business Management) M.S. 0506.00 39553 52.0201
Management (Health Care Management) M.S. 0506.00 39553 52.0201
Mathematics B.S. 1701.00 09523 27.0101
Medical Technology B.S. 1223.00 77009 51.1005
Nursing Traditional Four-Year Program B.S. 1203.10 336428 51.3801
Nursing Completion Program2 B.S. 1203.10 23242 51.3899
Philosophy B.A. 1509.00 09521 38.0101
Physical Education Teacher Specialization3 B.S. K-12 0835.00 26292 13.1314
Political Science B.A. 220700 09533 45.1001
Post Baccalaureate Childhood Education Post Bacc./Cert. 1-6 0802.00 41178 13.1299
Professional Accountancy M.S. 0502.00 33902 52.0301
Professional Studies7 B.S. 4901.00 09535 24.0101
Psychology B.A. 2099.00 09528 42.2799
Psychology, Applied Behavioral Dual Award B.A. M.A. 2099.00 35578 42.2799
Psychology M.A. 2099.00 38841 42.2799
Radiologic Sciences6 B.S. 1225.00 20732 51.0907
Religious Studies B.A. 1510.00 09522 38.0201
Social Studies B.A. 2201.00 09529 05.0199
Sociology B.A. 2208.00 09534 45.1101
Spanish B.A. 1105.00 09517 16.0905

Minor Fields of Study

In the interest of achieving an additional dimension of educa­tional depth, students who so desire may select a set of elective courses, preferably in a subject area not related to their major field of study, as a minor area. At least 9 credits in a minor must be taken from courses not included in requirements for the major. A maximum of two minor con­centrations are noted on students’ transcripts as a way of recog­nizing that they have, in addition to the required major program, also concentrated to a lesser degree in one or more additional areas. To obtain a minor designation from St. Francis College, a minimum residency requirement of nine credits at the College shall apply. A minimum grade of C is required in all minor program courses. To designate a minor, students must file with the Registrar an official declaration form no later than the end of the semester immediately preceding that of graduation. Graduate students do not pursue minors.

St. Francis College offers the following minor fields of study:

American Studies
Communication Arts
Corporate Accounting
Criminal Justice
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Environmental Studies
Fine Arts
Forensic Science
Health Promotion and Science
Information Technology
Interactive Multimedia
International Cultural Studies
Personal Training
Political Science
Project Management
Public Health
Religious Studies
Sports Management
Women’s Studies

Note: In accordance with the College’s standard practice, courses leading to a minor are subject to cancellation in cases of insuffi­cient enrollment.