Message from the President

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Office of the President

Dear Student:

I am so very pleased to welcome you to St. Francis College.

In 1859 the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn began St. Francis College with the intention of offering a quality and affordable education to students in the Borough of Brooklyn. In 2021 I am proud that we are continuing to carry out the Brother’s objective and legacy.

As a member of the student body, you are part of a community that emphasizes the Franciscan values of respect, justice, hospitality and service. Each of us at the College share a strong determination to work for success and all of us play an active role in your academic progress and personal growth. Every person on this campus is here to assist you, every door is open to you. Meet and get to know the people around you and you will have a support system and a network of caring relationships like no other.

Ours is a world that is rapidly evolving with social and technological advances, changes and challenges. You have been accepted because we recognize your talent, creativity and your potential as the next generation of leaders to graduate from the College. The curriculum offered, and your experience here at St. Francis will provide you a foundational education for your chosen career. St. Francis College is in the heart of the cultural, financial and educational capital of the world. The opportunities for internships in your chosen field are myriad in this city of unparalleled resources. Just as importantly, you will be offered the opportunity to recognize that a liberal arts education includes channeling your intellect, your creativity, and your goals in all that you think, believe and do in this world. Our mission is to prepare you for the world, intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We want you to succeed in the classroom, in the boardroom but most importantly we want you to succeed in your relationships with family, friends and your, community. We want you to live humbly, compassionately, and radically, with a deep and unwavering sense of justice and love. At the heart of our purpose - we want you to live life fully. By actively participating in your studies, internships, extracurricular activities, sports, or clubs, you invest and determine your future. Every faculty, administrator and staff member is committed to supporting your dream of attaining your goals. We are here to guide you, challenge you and encourage you to take risks. We are invested in you and we will do all that we are able to provide you with the conditions for you to cultivate your interests and your talents so you graduate ready to engage with the world with head and heart so you make our planet a stronger, better and kinder community of citizens who lead with imagination and spirit.

Our Franciscan Tradition, which espouses humility, compassion and social justice, is the cornerstone of our community.  We recognize that knowledge and education should never be considered as an end in itself, but a means to serve the common good. As a result, St. Francis College is proud to graduate leaders with both the skills to excel in life and a commitment to compassionate living.

The value of a St. Francis College education is measured not only by one’s degree, but also by the success and character exhibited by generations of its graduates. On behalf of everyone here at the College I am delighted you are here and we are all so very excited for what you bring to our Franciscan family.

In peace and friendship,

Miguel Martinez-Saenz, Ph.D.

180 Remsen Street
Brooklyn Heights, New York 11201
Fax: 718.237.8964