Financing Your Education

A considerable amount of information pertaining to tuition and financial aid changes on an annual basis; a visit to the Bursar’s  website is recommended for the most current information and policies.

Tuition and Fees

The Board of Trustees determines and approves the tuition and fee rates annually to cover one academic year beginning with the fall semester and ending through the following summer. The current schedule for tuition and fees may be found on the College’s website.

The full-time undergraduate rate is based on a student enrolling in 12-18 credits of study during the fall or spring terms.  Students who enroll in more than 18 credits per term will be charged the per credit rate for each additional credit over 18.  Students who enroll on a part-time basis will be charged at the per credit rate.

Non-credit courses count towards enrollment and are typically charged at a rate equivalent to the per credit rate and number of class hours per week.

Late Fee Assessments

A late fee will be charged if payment is not received by the designated due date. Only completed and approved financial aid (including loans) will be considered as payment by the designated due date. Incomplete or pending financial aid applications will not be approved for deferment of the tuition payment.

In addition to a late fee assessment, students with open balances may be placed on financial hold and will not be permitted to register for the following semester.

Registration Cancellation for Unpaid Balances

Failure to pay tuition and fees on time may result in the cancellation of classes. If a student is deregistered for non-payment, he or she will be permitted to register again upon payment and approval by the Bursar’s Office. Students dropped for non-payment are not guaranteed the same courses and schedule as their initial registration.

Unpaid Balances and Collections

Students accounts with past due balances are subject to late fees and will be placed on financial hold, preventing future registration or the release of your diploma.

The College makes every effort to collect all outstanding balances internally. However, if an account is not paid as required, the balance may be referred to a collection agency. Students who are referred to a collection agency will be responsible for the tuition balance plus any collections costs due.