Programs of Study

Divisional Structure

In 2001, St. Francis College organized all academic departments into a divisional structure. St. Francis College is organized into four academic divisions: Humanities; Management Science; Sciences, Mathematics, Health Promotions and Health Sciences;, and Social Sciences.


Studies within the humanities provide the instruments for an understanding of human knowledge and the means by which this knowledge can be questioned. This intellectual self-determina­tion, the basis upon which a liberal arts education is built, combines an emphasis on the development of the whole person with an understanding of civilization and its foundations. By encom­passing so much of human knowledge and experience, courses within the humanities lead students toward intellectual, emo­tional, and spiritual development within an atmosphere of serious intellectual pursuit, learning, and scholarship.

The division of Humanities has established a series of goals and objectives: to promote intellectual growth and curiosity; to examine modes of communication, means of expression, and ways of thinking; to cultivate critical awareness; to provide a solid grounding in each discipline within the humanities; and to de­velop an appreciation of human cultures and societies.

American Studies

Communication Arts

Literature, Writing and Publishing

Interdisciplinary Studies


Liberal Arts

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Professional Studies

Management Science

It is the mission of the Management Science division to graduate students of integrity and responsibility with a sound foundation in liberal arts and with the necessary professional courses and skills to acquire and develop a career in business, government, and commerce. The division of Management Science is responsi­ble for developing and offering business-related and professional courses.

Accounting and Business Law

Management and Information Technology

Sciences, Mathematics, Health Promotions and Health Sciences

Consistent with the mission, goals, and objectives of St. Francis College, the division of Sciences, Mathematics and Health Promotions and Health Sciences seeks to prepare students of integrity with a sound foundation in liberal arts and the necessary background to succeed in graduate and professional schools as well as in careers in sciences and health fields. The division encompasses four academic depart­ments and numerous pre-health professions programs through external affiliations.


Chemistry and Physics

Health Science and Leadership



Pre-Health Professions Programs

Social Sciences

The division of Social Sciences educates all students in the basic principles of the social sciences. Through theoretical and empiri­cal study, students learn about society’s institutions and the relationships of individuals and groups within that society as it relates to cultural, historical, political, economic and other factors. An understanding of society and of their own places within it is expected to enhance not only their future careers, but also their ability to participate in and contribute to the society of which they are a part.

Economics, History, Political Science and Social Studies


Environmental Studies


Sociology and Criminal Justice

Women’s and Gender Studies