Creative Writing (Nonfiction), MFA

WRI-7010Introductory Residency4
WRI-7510Intro Mfa Nonfiction Workshop & Pract4
WRI-7020Intermediate Residency 24
WRI-7520Intro Mfa Nonfiction Workshop & Pract Intermediate MFA Nonfict Wksp & Pract4
WRI-7030Intermediate Residency 34
WRI-7530Advanced MFA Nonfict Wksp & Practicum Intermediate MFA Nonfict Wksp & Pract4
WRI-7040Master Residency4
WRI-7540Thesis Nonfiction Workshop and Practicum Thesis Nonfiction Workshop and Practicum4
WRI-7900MFA Thesis Residency4
Total Hours36