Education (ED)

ED-1201  Foundations of Education  (3 Credits)  

This course provides students with a knowledge base of the historical, cultural, social, economic, and political contexts in which North American schools have developed. Among the number of important threads to be examined throughout the course, emphasis will be placed on the social movements that have made improvements in equitable educational access, opportunity, achievement, and teaching towards democratic ends.. Students are encouraged to develop analytic frameworks and critical perspectives on education so that they may gain balanced understandings of current educational policies and practices in order to be able to make informed decisions about them as both educators and citizens. All students enrolled in the course are required to complete fifteen hours of fieldwork in a K-12 classroom setting. The course is open to all majors. This course is a prerequisite to the professional course sequence in Teacher Education. A grade of B or higher is required for admission into the teacher education program. Field Experience: 15 hours.

Typically offered: Fall Only  
ED-2020  Educational Psychology  (3 Credits)  

Surveys research related to theories of cognitive development, student diversity, information processing, motivation, and classroom management in order to provide an introduction to effective instruction in the 21st century classroom. A grade of B or higher is required for application to the Teacher Education Program. This course includes 15 hours of field experience. 3 credits.

Typically offered: Fall Only  
ED-2040  Psychology of the Exceptional Child  (3 Credits)  
Requisite(s): Complete ED-1201 with a B"" grade or higher,Complete ED-2020 with a ""B"" grade or higher  

Considers the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social characteristics of the atypical child.

Typically offered: All Sessions  
ED-2100  Assessment and Evaluation  (3 Credits)  
Requisite(s): ED-1201 with a grade of B or better,ED-2020 with a grade of B or better  

Study of the basic principles, key measurement concepts, and practices of formal and informal assessment techniques to support educational needs in the classroom.

Typically offered: All Sessions  
ED-3000  Teaching With Technology  (3 Credits)  
Requisite(s): Complete ED-1201 with a B"" grade or higher,Complete ED-2020 with a ""B"" grade or higher  

Designed to instruct teacher candidates in the application of technology in support of instruction and learning across the P-12 curriculum. The objectives of the course are based, in large part, on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for learning, teaching, and leading in the digital age.

Typically offered: All Sessions  
ED-4350  Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners  (3 Credits)  
Requisite(s): Complete ED-1201 with a B"" grade or higher,Complete ED-2020 with a ""B"" grade or higher  

Designed to prepare teacher candidates with the necessary competencies for meeting the instructional needs of linguistically diverse learners in the inclusive classroom. Topics to be explored include stages of language acquisition, language development, styles of communication, as well as strategies and instructional practices to help English Language Learners develop proficiency in all domains of language development-listening, speaking, reading, and writing - so that they may achieve academic success.

Typically offered: Spring Only  
ED-4440  Art in Education - Study Abroad  (3 Credits)  
Requisite(s): Complete ED-1201 ED-2020 CED-2200 ED-2100;, Department chair approval is required  

Travel study of the history, art, and culture in Florence through a department-sponsored tour. The course demonstrates the im-portance of art instruction for literacy development in both childhood and secondary education. Preparation classes and papers are required.

Typically offered: As Needed  
ED-4500  Foundations of Early Childhood Education  (3 Credits)  
Requisite(s): Take ED-201 ED-202 ED-303 ED-402,,LAST, overall GPA of 2.75, Major GPA of 3.0, and ,Departmental Approval.  

This course is designed to examine the current National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards. The course will investigate the foundations of the teaching-learning process and the role of the early childhood educator: the foundations of curriculum-planning strategies; and foundations for formal education-planning for learning. Hands-on experience will be emphasized. Curriculum areas will be introduced. Students will investigate the diversity of language and emergent literacy. Students will be provided with developmentally appropriate experiences in math and science. Integration of art, music, and social studies into a holistic curriculum will be explored. This course includes 15 hours of field experience.

Typically offered: Fall Only  
ED-4990  Supervised Student Teaching  (6 Credits)  

Two full-time placements in an elementary school, middle school, or high school (as appropriate to the student's teaching level) of the student's senior year. Includes a bi-weekly seminar at the College. Restrictions apply regarding the number of other courses that may be taken during this semester. A portfolio must be completed during the student teacher semester. Course fee.

Typically offered: All Sessions  
ED-4991  Extended Field Experience  (1-3 Credits)  

This class will be taken in the fall semester of your senior year. It consists of completing 100 hours of field experience and attending a weekly seminar.

Typically offered: As Needed  
ED-4992  Supervised Field Experience  
Requisite(s): Take PE-404 and ED-404  

Taken together with either PE 4990 or ED 4990 this course offers additional supervision of field experience activities for students seeking New York State teaching certification. This coure is given on a Pass/Fail basis only.

Typically offered: As Needed  
ED-4995  Independent Study  (1-3 Credits)  
Requisite(s): Complete ED-1201 with a B"" grade or higher,Complete ED-2020 with a ""B"" grade or higher,Completed 6 credits and cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher.  

Independent work in an area of special interest. Special project, report, or term paper.

Typically offered: On Demand