Public Health, BS

General Education Program
Understanding College (FS)1
Writing and Presentation (WRI1 & OC1)6
Mathematics (QR1)3-4
College Algebra
Information Literacy, Media and Research (ITML)3
Creative Voices Across Cultures (HCE)6
Science at Work (NPW)6-10
Anatomy and Physiology 1
Anatomy and Physiology 1 Laboratory
Anatomy and Physiology 2
Anatomy and Physiology 2 Laboratory
Ethics, Reality and Logic (PEM)6
Medical Ethics
Individuals and Societies (SEH)6
Principles of Sociology
Our World, Past and Present (WHG)6
Personal Wellness2-3
Introduction to Public Health
Religion and Culture (RS)3
Public Health Major
BUS-1001Organization and Management3
HC-1001Introduction to American Health Service Delivery I3
HC-1003Introduction to Gerontology3
HS-1201Community Health3
HS-2250Public Health Perspectives on Human Sexuality3
HS-3250Designing Health Promotional Programs3
HS-3251Implementation and Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs3
HS-4350Intro to Research and Bioethics in HP3
IT-2550Medical Informatics3
PH-2001Global Health Delivery I3
PH-2002Occupational Health and Safety3
PH-2003Introduction to Human Diseases3
PH-3001Environmental Health3
PH-3002Health and Diverse Population3
PH-4990Practicum in Public Health3
PH-4998Capstone in Public Health3
General Electives15
Total Hours120-126