Health Care Management, B.S.

General Education Program
Writing (WR)3
Quantitative Literacy (QR)3-4
Oral Communications (OC)3
Fitness/Health (FH)2-3
Information, Technology & Media Literacy (ITML)3
Religious Studies (RS)3
Freshman Seminar (FS)1
Humanistic & Creative Expression (HCE)6
Natural & Physical World (NPW)6-10
Introduction to Human Biology
Philosophical, Ethical & Moral Dimensions (PEM)6
Environment & Human Experience (SEH)6
World Heritage & Global Perspectives (WHG)6
Health Care Management Major
HC-1001Introduction to American Health Service Delivery I3
HC-2001Organization and Management of Health Institutions3
HC-2002Legal Issues in Health Care3
HC-2003Decision-Making in Health Field3
HC-3001Personnel Management in the Health Field3
HC-4990Field Placement in the Health Field I3
HC-4998Seminar in Health Management Issues 13
Select two Health-Care Management-electives or HS electives 6
ACC-1700Accounting for Healthcare Organizations3
HS-1201Community Health3
Liberal Arts 221
General electives21
Total Hours126-132