Personal Training Minor

This minor prepares students for careers in corporate fitness, health-club management, strength coaching at the NCAA division 1 level, private training, and allied health professions.  Students will learn fundamentals of weight loss, program design, nutrition, toning, strength, power, endurance and flexibility.5 Students will be prepared for personal training certification in organizations that include the clinically aligned America College of Sports Medicine, the sports related National Strength and Conditioning Association, as well as the fitness club affiliated National Academy of Sports Medicine. Personal trainers are more important now than at any point in world history. Technology, sedentary lifestyles, and inexpensive high fat foods can all contribute to heart disease-the leading cause of death in the USA. Personal trainers are often the first line of defense in combating the obesity epidemic.

FIT-1142Weight Training2
FIT-1152Exercise Training Techniques and Methods3
Choose any FIT course2
HS-1206Safety and First Aid3
PE-1500Personal Training3
PE-3306Training Theory3
Total Hours16