General Information

College Officers                                                       

Academic Affairs

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean                 
Dr. Jennifer Lancaster

AVP of Academic Affairs/Dean of Curriculum and Student Support                         
Dr. Kathleen Gray

AVP of Internationalization and Strategic Initiatives                                                    
Mr. Reza Fakhari

AVP of Online Learning and Program Development                      
Ms. Gale Gibson-Gayle

Dean of the Sciences and Health Sciences                               
Dr. Allen Burdowski

Assistant Dean for Student Success                                      
Ms. Monica Michalski

Administrative Coordinator and Executive Asst. for Academic Affairs
Ms. Sagine Relyea

Academic Support Services and Student Success

Director of Center for Student Success
Ms. Christine Davis

Director of Academic Enhancement                                        
Ms. Justine Butler

Assistant Director of Accommodations and Accessibility                                        
Ms. Katherine Krieger

Assistant Director of Student Athlete Support                                                              
Ms. Gabriella Dominguez


Director of Community Partnerships and Special Events                
Mr. Robert Oliva

Associate Director of Admissions                                                                   
Ms. Patricia Hughes

Senior Admissions Counselor                                              
Ms. Kelsey Ketelsen

Senior Admissions Counselor                                              
Ms. Marianne Negri

Senior Admissions Counselor                                              
Mr. Michael Phillips

Admissions Counselor – International Student Specialist                                           
Mr. Bora Dimitrov

Admissions Counselor                                                                               
Mr. Bobby Glover

Admissions Counselor                                                      
Mr. Ferdinand Rivera

Admissions Counselor                                                      
Mr. Jaime Zheng

Admissions Counselor                                                      
Ms. Karen Garcia

Admissions Counselor                                                      
Ms. Katherine Cardy


Assistant Vice President/Director of Athletics                            
Ms. Irma Garcia

Deputy Athletic Director                                                    
Mr. Chase Licata

Assistant Director of Athletics                                             
Ms. Dionne Dodson

Associate Director of Athletics/ Senior Woman’s Administrator
Ms. Maggie Martini

Director of Sports Information            
Mr. Robert Devita

Compliance Officer                                                          
Mr. James Hoffman

Head Athletic Trainer                                                       
Mr. Andrew Cornicello

Associate Head Athletic Trainer                                           
Mr. Lynson Willis

Director of Strength and Conditioning                                      
Mr. Yuki Miyazawa

Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach                               
Ms. Monet Bernard

Head Women’s Basketball Coach                                          
Ms. Linda Cimino

Head Men’s Basketball Coach                                              
Mr. Glenn Braica

Head Women’s Bowling Coach                                             
Ms. Dawn Gugliaro

Head Women’s Golf Coach                                                  
Mr. Ray Nash

Head Men’s Golf Coach                                                     
Mr. Rich Kenny

Head Men’s Soccer Coach                                                  
Mr. Thomas Giovatto

Head Women’s Soccer Coach                                              
Ms. Justine Lombardi

Head Men’s and Women’s Swimming Coach                              
Mr. Brian Guidera

Head Women’s Tennis Coach                                               
Ms. Alicia Browne

Head Men’s Tennis Coach                                                   
Mr. Chad Davis

Head Men’s and Women’s Track and Field Coach                         
Mr. Christopher Mills

Head Men’s Volleyball Coach                                               

Head Women’s Volleyball Coach                                           
Mr. Amable Martinez

Head Men’s and Women’s Water Polo Coach                              
Mr. Bora Dimitrov

Business and Financial Affairs

Assistant Vice President of Finance                                       
Mr. John Ragno

Associate Director                                                          
Mr. Danny Plaza

Assistant Director of Financial Affairs                                     
Ms. Alison Minotti

Career Center

Director of Career Center                                                   
Ms. Naomi Kinley

Associate Director of Career Center                                       
Mr. Christopher Hughes

Franciscan Advisor                                                         
Br. Gregory Cellini, O.S.F.

Development and Advancement

Vice President for Development                                            
Mr. Thomas Flood

Director of Engagement and Annual Giving                               

Associate Director of Engagement                                         
Mr. James Errico Jr.

Associate Director of Scholarship Giving                                  

Assistant Director of Annual Giving                                       
Mr. Benjamin Ciesinski

Facilities Management and Security

Vice President Facilities Management and Capital Projects             
Mr. Kevin O’Rourke

Director of Operations                                                                               
Ms. Denise Vieni

Financial Aid and Bursar Services

Director of Financial Aid                                                   
Ms. Maria Blandino

Associate Director of Bursar Services                                     
Mr. Joseph Kelly

Assistant Director of Financial Aid                                        
Ms. Valerie Alfinito

Supervisor of Bursar Services                                              
Mr. Ric Payne

Student Loan Administrator                                                
Ms. Shervon Anderson

Senior Financial Aid Counselor                                             
Mr. Nicholas Iannello

Bursar Services Coordinator                                                
Mr. Anthony R. Simpson

Government and Community Relations

Vice President of Government and Community Relations                
Ms. Linda Werbel Dashefsky

Exec. Director of Marketing and Communications                                                        
Ms. Tearanny Street

Director of Integrated Communications                                    
Ms. Leah Schmerl

Director of Recruitment Marketing                                         
Ms. Marie Zachary

Web Master                                                                 
Mr. Edwin Mathieu

Assistant Director of Special Events                                      
Mr. David Loutfi

Coordinator of Special Events                                             
Ms. Gabrielle Spinelli

Coordinator of Special Events                                             
Mr. Joseph Senisi

Grants Manager                                                             
Ms. Emily Ward

Human Resources

Executive Director Human Resources                                      
Mr. Richard Grasso

Associate Director of Human Resources                                   
Ms. Yadira Moran-Ulrich

Human Resources Analyst                                                 
Ms. Carmela Palumbo                                          

Information Support Systems

Chief Information Officer                                                    
Ms. Madalyn Hanley

Executive Director of IT Operations and Client Services                                             
Mr. Matthew Hogan

Director of Enterprise Systems                                                                      
Mr. Jaime Chauca

Director of Data Center Infrastructure and Net Operations                                          
Mr. Maciej Krupa

Associate Director of Support Services                                                                      
Mr. Jason Whittaker

International Student Services

Assistant Director of International Programs and Services              
Mr. Grayson Savoie


Ms. Leah Kovenat


Director of Library Services                                                 
Ms. Mona Wasserman

Resources Librarian                                                         
Ms. Mei Wai Lam

Technical Services Libraria                                                 
Mr. Alexander Kustanovich

Mission, Ministry and Interfaith Dialogue

Executive Director                                                           
Ms. Alexandria Egler

Assistant Director                                                           
Mr. Timothy Nagy

Office of the President

Dr. Miguel Martinez-Saenz

Chief of Staff                                                                
Ms. Monique Moore Pryor

Executive Assistant                                                         
Ms. Desiree Marrero

Planning and Institutional Reserach

Director of Planning and Institutional Research                           
Mr. Steven Catalano

Assistant Director                                                           
Ms. Jennifer Graham


Ms. Susan Weisman

Associate Registrar                                                         
Ms. Vanessa Rivera

Assistant Registrar                                                          
Mr. Roy Leone

Student Affairs

Vice President/Dean of Students                                           
Dr. Jose Rodriguez

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs                                         
Mr.  Ruben Gonzalez

Administrative Coordinator                                                 
Ms. Sheree Edmund

Student Engagement and Residence Life

Director of Student Engagement and Resident Life                      
Ms. Anilsa Nunez

Assistant Director of Multicultural Student Affairs                       
Mr. Maliek Sterrett

Student Health Services

Director of Counseling Services                                            
Ms. Natasha Edwards

Manager of Student Health Services                                      
Ms. Elizabeth Giugliano

Mental Health Counselor                                                    
Ms. Candice Abellard

Academic Department Chairpersons                  

Division of Humanities

Communication Arts                                                       
Dr. Scott Weiss

Dr. Athena Devlin

Foreign Languages, Fine Arts & ICS                                       
Dr. Suzanne Forsberg

Philosophy & Religious Studies                                            
Dr. John Edwards

Division of Management Science

Accounting/Business Law                                                 
Dr. Carmine Nogara

Management & Information Technology                                   
Dr. Dennis Anderson

Division of Sciences, Mathematics and Health Promotions

Biology & Health Promotion                                                
Dr. Kathleen Nolan

Dr. Evelyn Wolfe

Dr. Fotios Paliogiannis

Dr. Colleen Carmody

Division of Social Sciences

Economics, History & Political Science                                    
Dr. Eric Platt

Dr. Marina Gair

Dr. Kristy Biolsi

Sociology & Criminal Justice                                               
Dr. Emily Horowitz

Special Academic Programs and Organizations    

American Studies Program                                                 
Drs. Athena Devlin & Jennifer Wingate

Athletic Representative                                                     
Dr. Erez Shochat

Assessment Director                                                        
Dr. Sandra Westcott

BA/MA Program in Psychology                                             
Dr. Karen Wilson

General Education                                                           
Dr. Michele Hirsch

Honors Program                                                             
Dr. Marisa Cohen

Interdisciplinary Studies                                                    
Dr. Jennifer Wingate

MS Program in Accounting                                                 
Dr. Louis D’Elia

Pre-Health Professions Program                                           
Dr. Allen Burdowski

Professional Studies                                                        
Dr. Jaskiran Mathur

Project Management                                                        
Dr. Barbara Edington

Service Learning                                                            
Dr. Starr Eaddy

Study Abroad                                                               
Dr. Miriam Salholz

Women’s and Gender Studies                                              
Dr. Sara Rzeszutek

MFA Program in Fine Arts                                                
Dr. Theo Gangi

Center of Entrepreneurship                                                 
Ms. Eda Sanchez Persampieri                                         

Locations of Offices and Facilities             

Academic Offices

Academic Offices Room Phone
Accounting and Business Law 5003 5283
Biology and Health Promotion 4318 5324
Chemistry and Physics 7202 5295
Communication Arts 7316a 5428
Criminal Justice 3201 5435
Economics 5320 5266
Education 5311 5282
English 7003 5217
Fine Arts 6004 5325
Foreign Languages 6004 5325
History 7006 5232
Honors Program 3201 5476
Information Technology 5015 3465
International Cultural Studies 6004 5325
Management 5001 5347
Mathematics 4316 5396
Nursing 4311 5267
Philosophy 6009 5229
Political Science 7006 5232
Pre-Health Profession Program 7202 5295
Psychology 7204 5286
Religious Studies 6008 5235
Social Studies 7006 5232
Sociology 3201 5435
Spanish 6004 5325
Women’s Studies 5202 5455

Administrative Offices

Administrative Offices Room Phone
Academic Affairs (Academic Dean) 8312 5308
Academic Enhancement Center 3002 5226
Accommodations and Accessibilities 3307 3485
Admissions 1401 5208
Alumni Relations (Advancement) 8301 5363
Athletics 4102 5490
Campus Ministry 1310, 1312,1304 5493
Career Center 2001 5360
College Relations 7304 5370
Development 8301 5443
Enrollment Services 8301 5377
Facilities Management and Security 8205 5203
Financial Affairs 7311 5352
Government and Community Relations 7304 5405
Human Resources 6310 5256
Information Systems 3202 5444
Information Technology 3202 5468
Instructional Computing 3202 5384
International Student Services 2000 3486
Library (Reference) 2400 5307
Payroll 7305 5250
Planning and Institutional Research 8312 5479
President 8302 5254
Registrar 3006 5379
Residence Life 2000 3415
SFC Today 2306 5276
Special Events 2305 5372
Student Activities 2000 5215
Student Affairs (Dean of Students) 2000 5315
Student Financial Services/Bursar 1401/3302 5255
Student Health Services 2310 5366
Student Success 3000 5312
Telecommunications 3202 5436
Wellness Center 2310 5366

Administrative Offices

Administrative Offices Room Phone
Student Government Executives 2304 5258
Student Government President 2304 5334
SFC Today 2306 5276


Administrative Offices Room Phone
Academic Theater Center 7402
Anthony J. Genovesi Center Fourth Floor
Biology Labs 5201, 5210, 5213
Cafeteria Gorman Dining Hall 5204
Callahan Conference Center First Floor
Chapel First Floor
Chemistry Labs 6201, 6213, 7210
Communications Labs 4201
Computer Labs 4205, 4212, 4213
Fitness Center C205, C207, C209 5448
Founders Hall First Floor
HDTV Production Studio 7403
Information Technology Labs 4205, 4213, 4221
Library Second Floor
Peter Aquilone Court First Floor 5490
St. Francis Aquatics Center Sub-Cellar 5252
Student Lounge 6301
Thomas J. and Anita Volpe Lounge Second Floor