Campus Life and Student Affairs

Office of Advancement (Room 8301)

The Office of Advancement fosters and promotes the growth, development, and welfare of the College and advances the social and professional interests of all St. Francis College Alumni. Every Fall the Advancement office organizes a Senior Orientation Program to prepare our students for graduation. This Office also sponsors an Alumni Engagement Program to involve current students in the St. Francis College community and help them build relationships with our alumni early in their college career. In addition, the Advancement office arranges for alumni to speak at various student gatherings and hosts several special events each year that bring Alumni back to the College

Athletics (Room 4102)

Under the supervision of the Director of Athletics and her staff, the College offers a diverse varsity athletic program which provides opportunities for students of exceptional talent to participate as a member of one of our 19 sports teams. St. Francis College is a member of Division I of the NCAA and a charter member of the Northeast Conference, as well as a member of the Collegiate Water Polo Association (men’s water polo) and the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (women’s water polo). The College fields nine teams for men (basketball, golf, soccer, swimming, tennis, cross country, indoor track, outdoor track, and water polo) and ten teams for women (basketball, bowling, golf, swimming, tennis, cross country, indoor track, outdoor track, volleyball, and water polo).

The St. Francis College Athletic Department is located inside the Anthony J. Genovesi Center in the 4th floor.

Mission, Ministry & Interfaith Dialogue

St. Francis College has a vibrant faith community where students, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, friends and visitors of all religious traditions feel safe, supported and welcomed. This includes a focus on Catholic social teaching, a robust liturgical life, vibrant religious education, hospitable ecumenical and interfaith programming and outreach and programming.

The Office of Mission, Ministry & Interfaith Dialogue, located on the 1st floor promotes the active engagement of the St. Francis College community in articulating our Catholic Franciscan culture and mission while recognizing, respecting and embracing those of other faith traditions. The Office offers programs and activities that bring awareness and support to the college’s mission and ministry while embedding the Franciscan charism and traditions throughout the campus.

Mission, Ministry & Interfaith Dialogue collaborates with other departments and outside organizations in establishing programs that supports a welcoming atmosphere and celebrates religious and social diversity, including differences in economic backgrounds, lifestyle, gender, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, sexual orientation, and intellectual views. There is a significant interest in nurturing the unique gifts of all members in accordance with the mission and values of our Catholic, Franciscan tradition. The Office is responsible for guiding a common vision and sense of shared Franciscan Catholic mission, ministry and identity across campus and seeing that the mission is imbued throughout all curricular and co-curricular activities. These activities include, but are not limited to the College’s annual celebration of St. Clare & St. Francis Week, as well as opportunities for pilgrimages to Assisi, Rome and along the Camino de Santiago.

Campus Ministry

Under the direction of, and in collaboration with the Office of Mission, Ministry & Interfaith Dialogue, Campus Ministry welcomes students, staff and faculty from all religious traditions. It is responsible for addressing the spiritual, religious and pastoral needs of the entire St. Francis College community and fosters our Catholic, Franciscan values. The Director of Campus Ministry is available daily for the pastoral care, spiritual and moral growth of all members of our campus community. The College Chapel, located on the 4th floor, is always open for private prayer and personal reflection. The Interfaith Prayer Room, located on the 1st floor is another sacred space available for prayer and personal meditation. In addition, there are regularly scheduled Masses throughout the academic year as well as Advent, Lenten and other faith based prayer services and activities. Retreat opportunities are provided during the year and sacramental preparation is offered for students who are interested in becoming members of the Catholic faith. Campus Ministry sponsors the College choir as well as volunteer and service learning projects. Through these efforts, Campus Ministry strives to invigorate the atmosphere of hospitality, mercy and justice at St. Francis College.

Career Center (Room 2001)

The Career Center provides a variety of services. These services include: career planning, part- time/full-time/summer and post-graduate job assistance, internship planning, resume and cover letter critiquing, mock interviewing, graduate school preparation, career and graduate fairs, workshops/panel discussions, career and interest inventories, SFC Job Bank ( bank), Optimal Resume (, individual career and major counseling and weekly drop-in appointments.

International Student Services (Rooms 2000)

International Student Services offers advice to international students on F-1 status and visa issues, immigration regulations, employment authorization, academic procedures, and aspects of American culture. Students are welcome to stop by; however, individual appointments are recommended so all issues can be addressed appropriately and comprehensively. Email Chad Lectura at

Registrar (Room 3006)

The traditional and primary responsibility of the Registrar’s Office is to maintain the integrity and accuracy of academic records. The Office responds to the needs of students, faculty and staff, and alumni through access to and assistance with various processes and forms needed to succeed at St. Francis College and beyond. All services are completed according to institutional policies and standards, as well as State and Federal laws and regulations.

Present services include, but are not limited to: General maintenance of academic records, Web Advisor, Build class schedules and coordinate room assignments, Course registration, Grading. Transcripts, Enrollment verification, Maintain degree requirements, Confirm and award degrees, Diplomas, and TAP certification.

Please visit the Registrar’s webpage at SFC’s website to find more information such as academic calendars, GPA calculators, how to request a transcript or enrollment letter, degree progress/ graduation information, and TAP Certification information at

For specific information on registration, please visit the section on Registration found in the Registrar’s webpage of our campus’ website at

Benefits of using Terrier Web/Web Advisor online services include: enhanced privacy since web access to student records is password protected, search for courses, register for courses at your convenience during the registration period from anywhere that has internet connection, drop courses (before classes begin for a specific term), view your grades from any computer with internet access (grade reports are not mailed), view your student transcript, view your degree audit (program evaluation), email an advisor with any concerns, obtain the most current class schedule for any term, and access your student profile (to ensure your current bio and academic information are correct). Terrier Web can be accessed from any page on the SFC web site by clicking the Terrier Web tab.

Student Activities (Room 2000)

The college offers co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to satisfy a wide variety of interests and student needs. Co-curricular activities are related to several academic disciplines and offer students the opportunity to develop new interests, leadership skills, and to relax and enjoy a welcome change from daily study routines. Yearly offerings include intramural sports, talent shows, fundraisers, and over 40 student clubs and organizations. All students are encouraged to involve themselves in these activities which provide opportunities for personal growth, networking, and development that complement classroom and laboratory sessions.

Student Financial Services (Room 1401/3302)

The Office of Student Financial Services is a combined service department to help you with all aspects of financing your education. The counselors are available to help you explore all financial aid opportunities as well as review the various payment options to help making college affordable for you. To learn more about paying for college, visit the website at To learn more about paying for college, visit the website at

Federal Aid School Code
St. Francis College’s federal school code is: 002820.

New York State School Code
St. Francis College’s state school code is: 0715.

Student Technology Services (Room 4211)

Student Technology Services is a student-operated technology support desk. It is managed by the Director of Support Services. This office provides students with their username and password and Students may seek assistance with student technical resources such as e-mail, network storage, Blackboard Course Management Portal and general application and hardware issues. Students can also receive technical support for their personal laptops and PDA’s. Students may contact STS in room 4211 by calling (718) 489-5454 or emailing support services at for answers to questions or help with their general technology needs. STS is available school days from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM Monday through Thursday and 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Friday. Students can also get assistance 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Weekends.

Wellness Center (Rooms 2310/2311)

The goal of the Wellness Center is to offer services for students to meet some of their primary and emergency health care needs as well as provide counseling and support for many of the emotional and developmental issues that college students face.

Student Counseling Center

Professional counselors are available Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm and Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 10am – 5pm to help students resolve concerns that may interfere with their academic progress, social development, or personal satisfaction. Individual and group counseling is available for problems due to stress, academic anxiety, relationship difficulties, family problems, depression, and substance abuse, among others. Referrals to off-campus care givers can be arranged when appropriate.

Student Health Services

The Student Health Services Office is staffed during the day between the hours of 9am – 5pm. All first-time students must submit their Immunization Forms to this office before starting class. Additionally, Student Health Insurance Policy and claim forms may be obtained from this office.

Accident Insurance Program

Provided that the College is able to negotiate a policy on their behalf, all full-time day students will be covered by a medical accident insurance policy. Information concerning claims is available in the Student Health Services Office in Room 2310. Claims should be made to the College nurse within 15 days of an accident’s occurrence. The College also makes available to students optional supplemental accident and sickness medical benefit plans. These will be of particular interest to dependent students who are not covered under a parental health insurance plan or independent students who lack coverage for themselves or their dependents. Details are available in the Student Health Services Office. For information concerning special insurance for those students who participate in intercollegiate sports, contact the College’s athletic trainer.

Credit Card Give-Aways

On Campus Credit Card Marketing Policy

St. Francis College strictly prohibits the advertising, marketing, or merchandising of credit cards to students on the College’s campus. This includes posting or distribution of applications, posters, handbills, fliers, and signage in College facilities. During the year, banks or lending agencies may set up tables outside the College for purposes of promoting their credit cards and distributing credit card applications to students. The College does not encourage or authorize this activity, but cannot control what occurs on a public sidewalk. The College would like to remind you to carefully consider any promotions or “give-aways” offered in connection with the completion of a credit card application. Such promotions are NOT “free money!!” Every time you use a credit card, you are, in effect, taking out a loan with a very high interest rate — often at least 18%! Credit card debt can mount very, very quickly and the long-term consequences to your financial well-being and credit rating can become very serious. If you have any questions or would like information about good credit management, please visitor call the Student Financial Services Offices ((718) 489-5346, Room 2001) or the Dean of Students ((718) 489-5315, Room 3307).

Emergency Notification: SFC Alerts

SFC Alerts is St. Francis College’s urgent notification system. It allows the College to send out emergency and urgent information to students, faculty & staff in a variety of ways like emails, text messages, phone calls and instant messages. Messages will only be sent for school wide situations like Snow Cancellations or Building Evacuations. SFC Alerts cycles through a series of contacts that each student puts in priority order until a student acknowledges that they have received the alert. Students will never be spammed. Each student’s St. Francis email address is entered into the system, but it is up to every individual to personalize their entry to add things like cell phone number and instant message addresses. You can update your information by going to the mySFC portal at If you do not have your authorization code, please contact the Office of Government & Community Relations at (718) 489-5404 or go to

How to Obtain A Locker

Lockers are available for all full-time, matriculated students. You must provide your own lock. You are not required to have a locker. They are made available for your convenience and used at your own risk. Further information regarding locker rental is available in the Office of Student Activities (2000). All lockers must be cleaned out at the end of the academic year. The college is not responsible for lost and/or stolen items.

Identification Cards

In the interests of maintaining the safety and security of the campus, the College requires that all members of the academic community have a properly validated identification card. Students and employees of college must carry the card at all times and swiped upon each entrance to the college. Students must also present their card when requested by any college official.

All faculty, staff, administration, and students can obtain their ID card in the Office of Student Activities (Room 2000). Lost ID cards may be replaced at a cost of $10.00

Students whom excessively sign-in at our Security Desk are subject to discipline by the Dean of Students.

Lost and Found

Articles that have been found should be given to the Office of Student Activities (Room 2000) or the College Security desk during working hours. If you lose something, check with the above offices to see if the article has been recovered.

McArdle Student Center

The Walter and Margaret McArdle Student Center provides several areas for students to meet informally and pursue social, cultural, and recreational activities. The Center includes the John and Ruth Gorman Dining Hall and the Council of Regents Lounge. An extensive array of foods and beverages are available at comparatively low prices through the cafeteria service, located in the Gorman Dining Hall. Vending machines are also available.

On and Off-Campus Fundraising

In order to prevent misunderstanding and confusion by contributors to the College, no student or student organization may go on or off campus to raise money without first receiving written permission from the Vice President for College Relations. It is also expected that student clubs/ organizations limit their fundraising to the campus unless it is absolutely imperative that they go off campus (see the Director of Student Engagement for details).

Clear Passages Policy & Procedures

Mission Statement

Clear Passages is the initiative at St. Francis College relating to tobacco use established to enhance the health and wellness of the College’s students, faculty, staff and administration (SFC Community). Through its Committee, Clear Passages strives to understand and meet the needs of everyone in the SFC Community by effectively communicating the Clear Passages Policy and evaluating feedback received regarding the Policy, while promoting the Franciscan Values of respect, support, peaceful coexistence, education, and concern for the environment.

The Clear Passages Committee has several initiatives and trainings offered through the year to engage the SFC Community on tobacco education and support. Our Franciscan heart is proud to support the following Nicotine Anonymous meetings in a supportive environment for all those looking to reduce or stop smoking. All are welcome.

Nicotine Anonymous meetings will be offered on campus every Wednesday, 12:30pm to 1:30pm, Room 6221 (starting September 13, 2017)

Location of Respectful Smoking Community

The Respectful Smoking Community area is located on the far end of the Court Street side of our campus in front of the Library/ 1st floor computer lab. This is the only location that tobacco products can be used.


Addressing inappropriate tobacco use outside of Respectful Smoking Community


If a student sees someone smoking on campus in areas other than the designated Respectful Smoking Community area, the student should not approach the individual, but alert Security of the situation.

Security will immediately advise the individual to move to the Respectful Smoking Community.

Faculty, Staff, & Administrators:

If faculty, staff, or an administrator observes someone smoking on campus in areas other than the Respectful Smoking Community, the individual can approach the individual encouraging them to move to the Respectful Smoking Community. (If faculty, staff, or an administrator sees someone smoking on campus in other than the Respectful Smoking Community and does not wish to speak with the individual, they should advise Security of such.)

  • If the individual refuses to move, they should advise Security of such. Security will immediately advise the individual to move to the Respectful Smoking Community.
  • If the individual does not comply and is a student, if necessary Security will take the ID from the individual, reporting to the Dean of Students or Director of Student Engagement for disciplinary handling.

Security will immediately advise the individual to move to the Respectful Smoking Community.

Security has the right to remove the St. Francis College ID of all individuals who do not comply with the procedures of Clear Passages. Disciplinary action will be enforced.

Travel Programs                                              

Study Abroad Programs (Room 5010 & 6011)

The Program gives students the opportunity to enrich their academic careers and further their professional goals by studying abroad in a variety of international locations. Students who choose to study abroad while at St. Francis have the opportunity to earn university credit at a foreign institution, learn a foreign language, make friends in a culture other than their own, gain a sense of personal independence, change their world view and enjoy unique travel opportunities.

Please consult the Resources section of the SFC Study Abroad webpage to obtain a procedures checklist and answers to frequently asked questions, financial aid and scholarships.

Student Pilgrimage to Assisi & Rome (Room 1310)

St. Francis College is committed to deepening the Franciscan spirit within the foundation of the College. This pilgrimage offers students of all faith traditions to reflect on and learn about the Franciscan charism and the lives and spirituality of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi. The pilgrimage includes time for reflection, study, conversation, leisure, prayer and visits to sanctuaries in Rome and Assisi that are important to Franciscans around the world.

In an effort to broaden and enrich the understanding of the Franciscan Values important to St. Francis College and to the world including respect, integrity, compassion and service the College offers eligible rising freshmen and sophomores the opportunity to participate in a spiritual pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome during the winter break. If accepted, students are responsible to contribute $1000.00 to their pilgrimage as well as commit to a series of preparatory sessions during the fall semester. Additionally students will be required to serve on the planning committee for St. Clare & St. Francis Week and act as Franciscan ambassadors until graduation. The application process is announced every February. Those students who are not eligible for scholarships are very welcome to apply as well. For more information please see Dr. Alexandria Egler.

St. Clare & St. Francis Week

Every year, SFC celebrates the feast day of our patron saint, Francis of Assisi by hosting a week-long series of events. St. Clare & St. Francis week is an opportunity for the entire College community to be reminded of and celebrate our Franciscan values, such as hospitality, care for creation, compassion, solidarity with the poor, justice and mercy. Every year the College focuses on a Franciscan value that we embrace throughout the academic year. This year, our theme is Peace and Justice. Our activities will consider how we can as individuals and as a Franciscan community can engage in the peace process within ourselves, our personal relationships, our community and our world.

Students should check their SFC emails, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchats at the beginning of the Fall semester for the events of the week. There will also be notices around campus on the plasma screens as well as signage. If anyone is interested in volunteering or having a more involved role in the planning of festivities contact Dr. Alexandria Egler (

Some of the events taking place will include a kick-off party, lectures, interfaith prayer service, lectures, blessing of the animals and a campus community service project. Rocky the Terrier will be on hand and there will be raffles and prizes throughout the week. This is a great way to meet fellow students, the administration, faculty, staff and the Franciscan Brothers as well as learn more about St. Clare & St. Francis of Assisi.