American Studies Minor

AMS-1001American Culture and Conflict3
AMS-4998American Studies Capstone Seminar3
Select one American History (HIS) survey course3
Select three of the following courses9
History of Medicine in America
Special Topics in Biology: Honoring the Parks
Popular Music
Walt Whitman's America
Constructing Gender in American Literature & Culture
America in the 1940S
Crime, Justice, and American Fiction
American Nobel Laureates
Blues, Jazz, and the Harlem Renaissance
American Music
Commemorative Practices in the United States
Art of Social Change in the US United States
Art in New York City United States
New York on Location: Walking Tours in The City
Topics in Public History
American Cultural History - Colonial Era To Present
The Atlantic World
Seminar: Amsterdam and New Amsterdam
Latin American Philosophy
American Philosophy
Political Themes in American Film Consequences, Containment
The Story of American Evangelicalism
Immigrant to New York
Interpreting the 1960s
Race, Ethnicity, & Inequality in the US
Total Hours18