Payment Options

All students are bound by the payment due date (determined by the initial registration date) whether or not a computerized bill is re­ceived. Students who register after the officially designated pay­ment due date must be prepared to pay or make appropriate payment arrangements by the deadline. Students who register or pay after the initial registration and payment period may incur late fees. Payment dates can be found on the College’s website.

In Person

Payment may be made via cash, check, money order, or credit card (MasterCard, Discover and Visa). Please note: all credit card transactions are subject to a convenience fee.


E-checks and credit card payments are processed online through WebAdvisor. Please note: all credit card transactions are subject to a convenience fee.

By Mail

Please include the student name and ID or social security number on all checks and money orders and made payable to St. Francis College. Do not send cash by mail. Mail payments to College’s lock box at:

St. Francis College

PO Box 9500-5920

Philadelphia, PA 19195-5920

Monthly Payment Plan

The College has partnered with Touchnet for the purpose of administering monthly payment plans for the fall and spring semesters. Plan details are available online at The toll-free number is (833) 269-3675 The monthly payment option is not available for summer or intersession.

Financial Aid

The term ‘financial aid’ refers to all forms of federal and state aid programs, federal loans, institutional aid and scholarships, and external scholarships. Students must complete the appropriate FAFSA application in order to apply for financial aid. A financial aid award letter will be mailed once the College receives all necessary information and determines the student’s eligibility. Students must return a copy of the award letter indicating the aid and loans they plan to accept or decline.

Only validated financial aid awards will appear on invoices. If there are any discrepancies or aid is missing, contact the Bursar office at 718.489.5255, or by e‑mail at Balances not covered by financial aid must be paid by the designated due date.

International Payments

St. Francis College has partnered with Flywire to streamline the fee payment process for our international students and payers. Flywire offers multiple payment options, excellent foreign exchange rates and allows you to pay from almost any country. They will ensure that your payment arrives safely and accurately.

To make your payment, visit

if you require any help with your payment, visit

Third-Party Billing

Students may submit third-party vouchers by the official payment due date. Vouchers will only be accepted in lieu of payment as long as the sponsoring agent assumes responsibility for payment upon receiving an invoice from the College. Students are expected to make appropriate arrangements if a third party fails to pay any portion of the bill.

Employer-sponsored tuition reimbursement programs do not qualify as third-party billing. Companies that do not pay before final grades are recorded may not sponsor students for third-party billing. In such cases, students must pay out of pocket and seek reimbursement through their employer or sponsor.

Refund of Credit Balances

Sign up for eRefund (Direct Deposit)

If you have a credit balance on your account, you may be eligible for a refund. To receive an eRefund, you must log in to SFC.EDU and sign up for direct deposit if you have not already done so.

Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Refunds

If a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan exceeds the student's College charges, the refund will be made to the parent borrower unless the parent has indicated otherwise on the loan application form allowing the credit to be refunded to the student.

Wire Transfer

If your account has been overpaid by a wire transfer, either the college will return the entire amount of the wire transfer to the originating bank or you may leave the excess funds in your account to be used for future charges. Partial refunds are not allowed.

SFC Awards

No student will be issued a refund check or e-refund with an open balance. There must be credit available in order to be issued a refund.